Recent High Listener Count


Recent High Listener Count

August Camp Radio seems to be growing in popularity recently as over the past few days during peak times some listeners have been unable to listen via Internet-Radio or Tune In etc.

We apologise for this problem, but we only have a max of 20 listeners on our main broadcast stream which is shared between listeners on Tune In, Internet-Radio and a host of other online radio hosts.

We would like to remind our listeners that if you are unable to listen via our normal routes, we do have a slightly less reliable (as it’s free to use) stream on ┬á

Please goto and listen on there, you can also use that link on your mobile device, but we would like to remind listeners that it is unstable and sometimes offline.

We are looking into ways of increasing our listener count on our main stream, but costs would become to much and as we are non-profit, and non-funded it really isn’t possible.

On that note, if you would like to support August Camp Radio financially so we can increase our listener count on our main broadcast stream, please get in touch using the contact us form on the website or post a message via any of the social media platforms, Twitter / Facebook or Google+

Thanks for listening and thanks even more if you are considering supporting us.

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