We apologise to all of our listeners at the moment, but it would appear the gremlins that caused an off-air notice yesterday have returned again today!

We have been off air since 11:42am (GMT) 22 April 2015. We are currently investigating why our master broadcaster server is crashing.┬áSome updates were carried out yesterday but this doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem.

From 12:54pm 22 April 2015 we are now broadcasting our test transmission and will remain doing so until the broadcaster server has been returned to health.

We are sorry if you are a regular listener to our radio broadcast, but sadly computer’s will be computer’s!

We will be back….. hopefully!

Stay tuned to this post on our website for further updates and information.

UPDATE: 15:00(GMT) – We are back online using our broadcast server on reduced service (no song title information is currently being sent to Tune In listeners) We are keeping an eye on the system for the next 24 hours.

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