Aug 30

August Camp Radio – The End.

So the end of August Camp Radio is less than 36 hours away, sadly our time of broadcasting is drawing to a close.

Please join us (if you can) between 23:30 and midnight on Friday 31st August 2013 (British Summertime GMT+1) for our “Goodbye Songs” half hour.

We will be playing our last half hour out with songs all related to saying goodbye. I will be playing these LIVE for the first time in ACR history! Our final song will be Neil Sedaka and “This will be our last song together” which I felt was very appropriate!

Join me LIVE at 23:30 for August Camp Radio’s last half hour!

Thanks for listening!

Aug 27

The Last Few Days Of August Camp Radio

So we are into our final week of broadcasting here on August Camp Radio. We are still scheduled to shut down our broadcasts from midnight (British Summer Time GMT+1) on Sunday September 1st 2013.

With no surprise, our main server has gone a bit AWOL and decided to not let us make any final adjustments! If we gain control again we will be setting up our special final song, which will be played just before midnight. Make sure you tune in to hear our last song.

Also, please note that one of our broadcast streams has been set up to sign off without warning, this will affect listeners on our streamsolutions server, affecting Nokia Radio listeners and some listeners through some of the internet radio search websites.

To ensure you can tune into us, please either use or

Thanks for listening.


August Camp Radio.

Aug 15

August Camp Radio – News Bulletin Suspended

From Midnight  on August 15th 2013, we have suspended our hourly news bulletin which comes from the free Sky News Radio feed. It has become apparent that they are not updating this feed at the moment and it has been playing the same news every hour since Saturday 10th August.

We will keep an eye on the feed and if it becomes updated again we will start our hourly news feed again. Until then, enjoy the non-stop music from August Camp Radio!

Aug 06

Closure Of August Camp Radio

Closure Of August Camp Radio

It is will great sadness that I have to announce the closure of August Camp Radio.

August Camp Radio will seize broadcasting at Midnight (British Summer Time) on 1st September 2013.

Our last song will be played just before midnight on Saturday August 31st and our broadcast stream servers will be turned off at Midnight.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our listeners for supporting us and listening in over the past few years. We hope you have enjoyed our style and music playlist.

Our social media pages and this website will be removed by the end of September 2013.

Again, thanks for “tuning in” and listening. We hope you find a suitable alternative internet radio station to replace us.

From all at


Feb 26

OFF AIR – Technical Problems!



Since 14:55 GMT on 26th February 2013, August Camp Radio is experiencing technical problems with our master server.

We are currently working to fix the problem but at present have no idea how long the outage will last.

Listeners to our “INTERNET-RADIO” stream will now be listening to our test transmission stream, listeners to our alternative stream will currently have no connection.

We apologise for this outage and thank you for choosing August Camp Radio!

Feb 13

August Camp Radio Request System – FIXED!

song_requests720August Camp Request System – FIXED!

August Camp Radio has been suffering from a fault with the request system for the past few months.

I can now pleased to announce that the service is now functioning again and listener’s are able to make requests to the station as normal.

Please remember there are restrictions in place which prevent repeat songs being selected and a maximum amount of requests per hour and day.

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio!

Don’t forget to get in touch with us via Facebook, Google+ & Twitter or you can email us via our CONTACT US page on the website.

Feb 11

Small Upgrade to August Camp Radio Streaming


Small Upgrade To August Camp Radio Streaming

Over the weekend just gone (9th/10th February 2013) August Camp Radio has upgraded its streaming power that’s provided by Internet Radio (

We now have a 20 max listener capacity and now broadcast at 128k instead of 96k as before. This means that more listeners can now tune in via Internet Radio and listen at CD quality rather that FM quality!

If you are one of our Internet Radio listeners then we hope you are enjoying the little upgrade!

Don’t forget, if you choose to listen via then they automatically connect you to either of our 128kb streams, normally the best one for your location and the one that’s working best!

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio, and we hope you enjoy our broadcasts!

Feb 07

Service disruption

Since midnight (GMT) February 7th, we have been experiencing an outage to our stream service.

This is completely out of our control and is a fault with our ISP.

We apologise for the loss of our service and hope you will tune in again soon when our service returns.

Any further updates will appear here as comments.

Dec 25

Merry Christmas From All At August Camp Radio!

From everyone at August Camp Radio, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

If your from parts of the UK this year that are currently suffering the severe floods, our wishes extend to you, and hope you can still do your best to have a great Christmas.

Wherever you are around the world, listening to August Camp Radio, celebrating Christmas in your own way, enjoy and have fun. Peace to all!

August Camp Radio is having a slight change to our Christmas Day playlist. We have decided against playing non-stop Christmas music, as there are plenty of other internet radio stations out there that provide this service. So only a slight change to our regular format, we will be adding an extra Christmas track in with our regular great tunes and also playing non-stop without interruptions from the news!

Enjoy August Camp Radio this Christmas!