Apr 23


Throughout most of today we have been experiencing intermittent drops of transmission. This has been causing our stream to stop/start and fail intermittently. The fault is with our ISP and not the broadcast server this time!

August Camp Radio apologies to our listeners who are suffering these loses of service. We have performed a full reset of our routers and hope this has cured the problem, a fault has also been raised with the ISP.

Hopefully things will return back to normal soon! Just when we think we have fixed the broadcast server another fault comes along….. sigh!

Any further updates will appear on this post at in the news section of the ACR website.

Thanks for listening! (When you can!)

Apr 22


We apologise to all of our listeners at the moment, but it would appear the gremlins that caused an off-air notice yesterday have returned again today!

We have been off air since 11:42am (GMT) 22 April 2015. We are currently investigating why our master broadcaster server is crashing. Some updates were carried out yesterday but this doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem.

From 12:54pm 22 April 2015 we are now broadcasting our test transmission and will remain doing so until the broadcaster server has been returned to health.

We are sorry if you are a regular listener to our radio broadcast, but sadly computer’s will be computer’s!

We will be back….. hopefully!

Stay tuned to this post on our website for further updates and information.

UPDATE: 15:00(GMT) – We are back online using our broadcast server on reduced service (no song title information is currently being sent to Tune In listeners) We are keeping an eye on the system for the next 24 hours.

Apr 21

OFF AIR ALERT – 21 April 2015

Technical Problems at AC Radio

We regret to announce that it would seem we’ve been off air since approximately 2:53pm (GMT) today (21 April 2015).

Our engineer is currently performing some tasks on our broadcast server to find out why, in other words pressing the big red reset switch and putting his feet up with a cup of tea!

We are very sorry about the loss of our broadcast this afternoon and although he’s likely to be sat drinking tea are sure he will return our servers back to life as quickly as possible.

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio and hopefully we will be back on air again soon.

Any further developments or updates will be posted on our website under this news article.

Thanks, The ACR Team.

Jan 31

Server Failure – OFFAIR ALERT!



We are currently experiencing a fault with our main broadcast server. This failure was alerted at 14:20GMT on January 31 2015.

We are currently working to restart the server and hope to have music to your ears as soon as possible.

We apologise for the outage and regret that computers will be computers! Bring back cassettes and vinyl! This wouldn’t have happened in the 80s!

Any further updates will be commented on this post.

Thanks again for listening to August Camp Radio.

Jan 14

New Year & New Music On AC Radio!

Welcome to 2015 on August Camp Radio!

We are making some changes to our huge playlist, and starting in January we have already added a touch of 60s and 70s with some classic tunes from The Beatles, 10cc and more. We have loads more to add and some to remove. Do you have a favourite song from the 60s/70s/80s/90s that we don’t currently play? Get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook and we will do our very best to dig out your song and add it to our playlist in 2015!

Thanks again for choosing August Camp Radio and we hope you have a music packed new year!!

Dec 10

Christmas 2014 on August Camp Radio



Yes! It’s that time of year again! (Comes round quick doesn’t it?) Christmas is here and that means August Camp Radio, like a lot of radio stations, begins playing some Christmas tunes within it’s playlist.

Starting from 8:30pm on 10 December right through until 26 December 2014 we will be adding the odd Christmas record to our jam packed playlist of hits!

We hope you enjoy our little bit of festive spirit and wish all our listeners old and new a very Merry Christmas!

Dec 10

Planned Server Downtime – Monday 15 December 2014.



Hi and thanks for listening to August Camp Radio!

This is a technical alert for Monday 15 December 2014.

Our broadcast supplier, Internet Radio, are carrying out some upgrades to August Camp Radio’s server between 11:00am and 1:00pm GMT on Monday 15 December 2014.

During this time our broadcast may become off air and show us as unavailable or removed from certain radio station hosts.

Please bare with us on Monday whilst these upgrades are taking place. We will be back as soon as Internet Radio have finished the work.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but as you can understand, the matter is totally out of our control.

Any further updates will be posted as comments on our website.

Thanks again for choosing to listen to August Camp Radio.

Jun 14

Power Outage – 14 June 02:37

3223923_GAugust Camp Radio would like to apologise, we have been “off-air” since approximately 02:37am(BST) 14 June 2014 due to a power failure.

A thunderstorm in the area took us out, but now at 09:14am we are back on air again playing your favourite non-stop hits.

Thanks for choosing AC Radio. Happy listening!

May 30

Recent High Listener Count


Recent High Listener Count

August Camp Radio seems to be growing in popularity recently as over the past few days during peak times some listeners have been unable to listen via Internet-Radio or Tune In etc.

We apologise for this problem, but we only have a max of 20 listeners on our main broadcast stream which is shared between listeners on Tune In, Internet-Radio and a host of other online radio hosts.

We would like to remind our listeners that if you are unable to listen via our normal routes, we do have a slightly less reliable (as it’s free to use) stream on  caster.fm

Please goto http://augustcampradio.caster.fm and listen on there, you can also use that link on your mobile device, but we would like to remind listeners that it is unstable and sometimes offline.

We are looking into ways of increasing our listener count on our main stream, but costs would become to much and as we are non-profit, and non-funded it really isn’t possible.

On that note, if you would like to support August Camp Radio financially so we can increase our listener count on our main broadcast stream, please get in touch using the contact us form on the website or post a message via any of the social media platforms, Twitter / Facebook or Google+

Thanks for listening and thanks even more if you are considering supporting us.

Apr 29

Emergency Outage @ August Camp Radio


Emergency Outage At August Camp Radio

We apologise to our listeners, but at approximately 10:20GMT+1 (BST) on April 29, 2014 we have had to take down our main broadcast server for essential upgrades and maintenance.

We hope to be back “on-air” soon, We are very sorry for the outage and the time of day, but it was the only time the upgrade process could be carried out and obviously being a 24 hour station which runs on zero profit or income there is never a good time to take it down and we don’t have the resources for a backup server.

We will comment on this post when we are all complete and back up or the upgrade has fallen into difficulties and the delay will be longer.

Thanks again for choosing August Camp Radio – Where The 80’s Live!