NEWS: The End Of Late Night Music

With immediate effect (otherwise known as from today, 27 April 2015 onwards) we are removing the Late Night Music slot from August Camp Radio.

The slot, which runs from 11pm (UK Time) through until 5am featured a few slower/love songs from the 1960’s through to the 2000’s but after some careful consideration we have decided to no longer continue with this programme.

The main reason for the removal is the fact August Camp Radio broadcasts around the world, and although it might be 1am in the middle of the night in the UK it’s mid morning in Australia for example. So to not put off our listeners from around the world it seems best to not have time based programmes and just continue 24 hours a day playing great music from mainly the 1980’s with a side of 60s/70s & 90’s thrown in for good measure.

We will be topping up our playlist with a few more new (to August Camp Radio) tunes to help fulfil your music needs.

We hope most people agree with us on this decision and that you continue to enjoy and listen to August Camp Radio.

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