Apr 29

Emergency Outage @ August Camp Radio


Emergency Outage At August Camp Radio

We apologise to our listeners, but at approximately 10:20GMT+1 (BST) on April 29, 2014 we have had to take down our main broadcast server for essential upgrades and maintenance.

We hope to be back “on-air” soon, We are very sorry for the outage and the time of day, but it was the only time the upgrade process could be carried out and obviously being a 24 hour station which runs on zero profit or income there is never a good time to take it down and we don’t have the resources for a backup server.

We will comment on this post when we are all complete and back up or the upgrade has fallen into difficulties and the delay will be longer.

Thanks again for choosing August Camp Radio – Where The 80’s Live!

Feb 21

Power Outage – 21-02-14 23:00GMT



We are being affected tonight by a series of power outages at August Camp Radio, it started happening at approximately 23:00hrs 21-02-14 GMT.

We have restarted our servers 3 times now but if power goes again we will be leaving August Camp Radio offline over night to prevent damage to our servers.

Thanks for listening and choosing August Camp Radio!

UPDATE – 06:57 22-02-14

August Camp Radio Server’s restarted and we are back on air after our series of power outages during the night.

We apologise for the lack of broadcast over the past nearly 7 hours, but we are back now playing non-stop music from the great era’s!

Thanks again for listening to August Camp Radio.

Jan 02

Technical Problems @ August Camp Radio

FAULT: Main broadcast server failed

TIME: 23:45GMT 02/01/2014.


Orginally reported at 16:00GMT, August Camp Radio is currently suffering some technical difficulties with our main output servers.

This is causing a loss to our normal program output.

Although we managed to get the server back online earlier it is still experiencing some problems and dropping the playlist. Our engineers are currently working on this fault and we hope to bring August Camp Radio back as quickly as we can.

In the meantime our broadcast stream is occupied by our test stream server, this will play a limited 80’s playlist non-stop.

Again, we apologise for the outage to our normal service. Any further updates to this fault will be posted as comments to this post.

Aug 15

August Camp Radio – News Bulletin Suspended

From Midnight  on August 15th 2013, we have suspended our hourly news bulletin which comes from the free Sky News Radio feed. It has become apparent that they are not updating this feed at the moment and it has been playing the same news every hour since Saturday 10th August.

We will keep an eye on the feed and if it becomes updated again we will start our hourly news feed again. Until then, enjoy the non-stop music from August Camp Radio!

Feb 26

OFF AIR – Technical Problems!



Since 14:55 GMT on 26th February 2013, August Camp Radio is experiencing technical problems with our master server.

We are currently working to fix the problem but at present have no idea how long the outage will last.

Listeners to our “INTERNET-RADIO” stream will now be listening to our test transmission stream, listeners to our alternative stream will currently have no connection.

We apologise for this outage and thank you for choosing August Camp Radio!

Feb 13

August Camp Radio Request System – FIXED!

song_requests720August Camp Request System – FIXED!

August Camp Radio has been suffering from a fault with the request system for the past few months.

I can now pleased to announce that the service is now functioning again and listener’s are able to make requests to the station as normal.

Please remember there are restrictions in place which prevent repeat songs being selected and a maximum amount of requests per hour and day.

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio!

Don’t forget to get in touch with us via Facebook, Google+ & Twitter or you can email us via our CONTACT US page on the website.

Feb 07

Service disruption

Since midnight (GMT) February 7th, we have been experiencing an outage to our stream service.

This is completely out of our control and is a fault with our ISP.

We apologise for the loss of our service and hope you will tune in again soon when our service returns.

Any further updates will appear here as comments.

Dec 12

Service Disruption AGAIN! – Off Air!

Service Disruption – Wednesday December 12th 2012.

August Camp Radio is again today suffering disruption to our broadcast service. From approximatly 0715(GMT) today we lost our connection to our ISP.

This seems to be an ongoing fault they can’t fix and is out of August Camp Radio’s control.

We apologise on their behalf for our loss of transmission and hope to be back on air as quickly as possible.

Thanks for listening! (when you can!)

Any further updates will appear in the comments section of this post.

August Camp Radio.

Dec 11

August Camp Radio – Off Air Technical Problems

Off Air – Technical Problems – December 11th 2012.

August Camp Radio is again today suffering from the technical bug!

At approximately 11:06(GMT) this morning after playing Bucks Fizz I have to add! Our streaming server made the decision to crash!

It is currently being nursed back to health and we will be back on air as soon as our top class computer wizard has completed his task!

The music will return! – Just a matter of time!

Please check this news article again for any updates should we run into any further problems.

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio!