Aug 06

Closure Of August Camp Radio

Closure Of August Camp Radio

It is will great sadness that I have to announce the closure of August Camp Radio.

August Camp Radio will seize broadcasting at Midnight (British Summer Time) on 1st September 2013.

Our last song will be played just before midnight on Saturday August 31st and our broadcast stream servers will be turned off at Midnight.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our listeners for supporting us and listening in over the past few years. We hope you have enjoyed our style and music playlist.

Our social media pages and this website will be removed by the end of September 2013.

Again, thanks for “tuning in” and listening. We hope you find a suitable alternative internet radio station to replace us.

From all at


Feb 11

Small Upgrade to August Camp Radio Streaming


Small Upgrade To August Camp Radio Streaming

Over the weekend just gone (9th/10th February 2013) August Camp Radio has upgraded its streaming power that’s provided by Internet Radio (

We now have a 20 max listener capacity and now broadcast at 128k instead of 96k as before. This means that more listeners can now tune in via Internet Radio and listen at CD quality rather that FM quality!

If you are one of our Internet Radio listeners then we hope you are enjoying the little upgrade!

Don’t forget, if you choose to listen via then they automatically connect you to either of our 128kb streams, normally the best one for your location and the one that’s working best!

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio, and we hope you enjoy our broadcasts!

Dec 25

Merry Christmas From All At August Camp Radio!

From everyone at August Camp Radio, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

If your from parts of the UK this year that are currently suffering the severe floods, our wishes extend to you, and hope you can still do your best to have a great Christmas.

Wherever you are around the world, listening to August Camp Radio, celebrating Christmas in your own way, enjoy and have fun. Peace to all!

August Camp Radio is having a slight change to our Christmas Day playlist. We have decided against playing non-stop Christmas music, as there are plenty of other internet radio stations out there that provide this service. So only a slight change to our regular format, we will be adding an extra Christmas track in with our regular great tunes and also playing non-stop without interruptions from the news!

Enjoy August Camp Radio this Christmas!

Dec 01

The Christmas Season on August Camp Radio

Christmas On August Camp Radio

December is finally here! Christmas is upon us all!

No matter how we all celebrate this holiday season, nothing beats hearing a few classic Christmas hits on the radio!

August Camp Radio is no different! From December 1st we have added some classic Christmas tunes to our daily playlist! Some you will know and love, some maybe new to your ears.

All our Christmas songs are available on our request system as well, so if you have a favourite then now is the time to select it!

To top it all off, here at August Camp Radio, we will become your Christmas mega playlist on Christmas Day! We will be playing non-stop Christmas tunes all day long! So don’t forget to tune in on the 25th December for non-stop, uninterrupted music! We will also be cancelling our hourly news bulletins on Christmas Day as well to stop them getting in the way of the non-stop Christmas “tuneage”!!

We wish all our listener’s a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy our Christmas playlist!

From all the member’s and Staff at August Camp Radio!

Off Air (Technical Difficulties)


Yet again, the technical bug has struck at August Camp Radio! We have been off air since around 9am today (23/11/12) until just after 4pm.

The fault has now been located at a faulty patch cable in our data room, this has been replaced and all is well again!

Sorry if you have missed our broadcasts today!

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks again for listening to August Camp Radio.

Nov 21

Changes to our playlist!

Some more exciting changes at August Camp Radio.

We are re-designing our playlist ready for 2013!

We have taken the executive decision to become more of a 70’s, 80’s and 90’s radio station, playing popular hits from those decades with a smaller sprinkling of the norties and sixties.

From today (21st November 2012), our playlist has started to be moved around, some unplayed new tracks are being added and some of the more modern and less popular music removed. This process will be happening over the forthcoming weeks.

Let us know what you think using our comments option below! We’d love to know your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy the new sound of August Camp Radio!

Nov 17

Welcome to the NEW August Camp Radio Website!

Our old website was looking dated and unloved, so we have decided to create this new site with easy to navigate menu’s and interactive features.

The site is still in its early stages, so please bare with us whilst we migrate some of the old website’s information across and make the new site a happy place to be!

Don’t forget to tune in to August Camp Radio by using the Listen Now page or via the media buttons at the bottom of our new homepage.

Thanks for stopping by, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, add us on Twitter and most importantly, tune in and let us know your listening!

The August Camp Radio Team.