Oct 28


Well…. it’s been 8 months that this website has been down, I’ve just managed to get it back up today.

August Camp Radio ceased broadcasting on the 2nd May 2018. After a lot of deliberation it was decided that the station was not financially worth continuing. The listener count had dropped to an all time low and I couldn’t afford to let the station run with an average daily listener count of 3.
I’m sorry to all those that enjoyed our choice and style of music. I do hope one day to maybe bring it back to life, hence I will keep this website running in honour of the station.

Thank you to those that supported us and we may see you again…one day…don’t know when….don’t know where!

Jun 30

OK……We’re back!!

Well, we couldn’t stay away! Today (June 30th) we are back broadcasting live again. If you’ve been listening over the past week you would have noticed we were on a constant loop of the same songs from the emergency dead air playlist.

I can confirm today that we are now back broadcasting from our NEW radio server. It’s all fresh and sparkly and still undergoing fine tuning and configuration. Plus we have the mammoth task of uploading our HUGE playlist. So please bear with us over the coming weeks as moves and changes are made. This may cause drop-outs and gaps in songs, so we do apologize in advance for this.

Our playlist is only 25% uploaded so we have a long way to go yet. Some new content and all the hits you know and love. We will still be playing mostly 80’s but chuck in some 60’s, 70’s and 90’s just to mix things up a little.

Thanks for supporting us and listening over the years and we trust this will continue for the foreseeable future.

August Camp Radio.

Jun 23


23rd June 2017.

It is with regret that I have to sadly announce that August Camp Radio has now ceased broadcasting. Our master server which has provided us with continuous broadcasting for over 6 years has finally given and suffered fatal hard drive failure.

Over the past few months our listener figures had also dropped and with that in mind it has been decided to close all together instead of working on a new updated server.

There is a very SLIM chance we may return as a cloud based radio station. Please check back for news on this possible development.

Lastly I would like to thank our listeners over the years, old and new, we hope you enjoyed our variety of music.

Thank you again.

August Camp Radio.

Aug 20

Planned Outage – 16:20BST 20th August 2016

Thank for listening to August Camp Radio!

Unfortunately we need to carry out some maintenance and upgrades at our server room and to the actual broadcast server we use for ACR. From 16:20 British Summer Time (15:20GMT) we switched to our temporary emergency broadcast stream.

As soon as things are complete we will switch back. Switching sometimes causes listeners to be dropped, we do apologise and all you need to do is select us again or restart your app on your deviice.


Thanks again for choosing August Camp Radio.

Aug 12

Playlist Updates 2016

As part of August Camp Radio’s challenge to keep the music within out huge playlist fresh, we have today done something a little different. We have today added 50 90’s tracks to our regular daily playlist….. The 90’s were great weren’t they?

We already have a selection of 90’s in our playlist along with the 60’s and 70’s and mostly 80’s but as the 90’s get further away from us we have decided that they can now be considered as classic years!

More 90’s and 80’s will be added over the course of the next week so keep listening and let us know what you think.

Thanks again for listening to August Camp Radio.

Feb 08

Recent Outage

It would appear that in the early hours (GMT) of Sunday 7 February 2016 our streaming server decided to stop streaming for no apparent reason. Because the broadcast server was still playing it did not raise the usual alarm for us and we were only made aware of the problem when doing some over night maintenance.

I would like to say that as of 9:15am GMT we are back online again and would like to take this opportunity to apologise to our listeners. We will be keeping a close eye on this problem as it is out of our control directly and with our streaming provider.

Thanks for listening to August Camp Radio.

Dec 02

Fault: 2/12/15 – ACR Server failure.


ACR Server Failure

2nd December 2015

It is with regret that we report our main broadcast server has failed as of 17:13 GMT

We are currently running on our default emergency broadcast whilst our engineer attends some much needed love to our broadcast server.

We apologise for the loss of normal service and will keep this post on our website updated with further updates as they become available.

Thanks again for listening to August Camp Radio.

Apr 29


It is with great regret I have to announce we are suffering from intermittent loses in transmission. This is being caused by a problem with our ISP again and is totally out of the control of August Camp Radio.

The fault has been occurring since 23:13 28/04/15 (UK TIME) and as of now at 02:35 29/04/15 the fault is happening more often.

We apologise to our listeners again for the loss of service and we hope our ISP gets their finger out and sorts this problem as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for choosing August Camp Radio.

Apr 27

NEWS: The End Of Late Night Music

With immediate effect (otherwise known as from today, 27 April 2015 onwards) we are removing the Late Night Music slot from August Camp Radio.

The slot, which runs from 11pm (UK Time) through until 5am featured a few slower/love songs from the 1960’s through to the 2000’s but after some careful consideration we have decided to no longer continue with this programme.

The main reason for the removal is the fact August Camp Radio broadcasts around the world, and although it might be 1am in the middle of the night in the UK it’s mid morning in Australia for example. So to not put off our listeners from around the world it seems best to not have time based programmes and just continue 24 hours a day playing great music from mainly the 1980’s with a side of 60s/70s & 90’s thrown in for good measure.

We will be topping up our playlist with a few more new (to August Camp Radio) tunes to help fulfil your music needs.

We hope most people agree with us on this decision and that you continue to enjoy and listen to August Camp Radio.

Apr 23


As a (kinda) way of saying sorry for all the disruption to our broadcasts over the past 48 hours we have gone and added another 32 new tracks, all music from the 80’s to our vast playlist!

Over the next 24 hours, our system will filter these tracks into our playlist for your enjoyment!

Some of the songs I can’t believe we have never had played before, some are a little extra that might make you think, I’ve not heard this in ages!

Enjoy, and thanks once again for choosing August Camp Radio.