August Camp Radio – Off Air Technical Problems

Off Air – Technical Problems – December 11th 2012.

August Camp Radio is again today suffering from the technical bug!

At approximately 11:06(GMT) this morning after playing Bucks Fizz I have to add! Our streaming server made the decision to crash!

It is currently being nursed back to health and we will be back on air as soon as our top class computer wizard has completed his task!

The music will return! – Just a matter of time!

Please check this news article again for any updates should we run into any further problems.

Thanks for choosing August Camp Radio!

One thought on “August Camp Radio – Off Air Technical Problems

  1. We are back on air! – No sooner had we posted the news alert and we are back!

    Again, apologies for the brief loss of service, but thats what happens in non-profit Radio!