Welcome To August Camp Radio! – Where The 80’s Live!


August Camp Radio was originally started back in 2010, it was set up and designed to play a non-stop 24 hours a day stream of quality music for our members whilst on our annual lads gathering, camping in the New Forest, UK. Since then we have opened the doors to allow a small amount listeners from around the world to tune in and listen to our feed.

We are only a small radio station and our maximum public listener count at any one time is 20.

 August Camp Radio was given a makeover after closing briefly at the end of August 2013. It returned to the internet “stream ways” on September 14th 2013 with a new 80s based format providing listener’s with a CD quality, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week playlist of all that was great (music wise) in the 1980’s!   We_Love_80s_2   Although we play mostly 80’s pop and rock, we also don’t forget that there were some great tunes from the 70’s and 90’s and a bit beyond.   8nzxel86w451hxqnujf3ju1xd_19lqmbl0mi

We are only a small, non-profit, non-funded radio station from the UK, we have a small listener base, but we aim to provide a great service and play some of the best and most popular music produced in the 1980s!

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